Tips For Preventing Problems With Hair Extensions

For those who have trouble growing thick hair, luscious locks can come from high quality wigs or extensions. Even without trouble, there are many celebrities who have known about the secret of hair extensions for some time. If you want to get a beautiful head of hair and don’t want to wait the months and years it can take to grow it then you’ll want to take a closer look at hair extensions. It’s also a good idea to consider what you can do to prevent any trouble with the extensions you’ve invested in and subsequently your hair. Consider some of the following tips for preventing problems.

Do Not Attach Too Closely To Your Roots

When working with hair extensions you’ll want to make sure that they aren’t attached too closely. This can irritate your scalp and cause damage to the hair follicles. In addition, this stress can develop into the root and cause your own hair to start to break or pull free. Moreover, 613 blonde wig attaching hair extensions too close to the scalp will be genuinely uncomfortable and can cause you to not want to try anything different with your hair for fear of another bad experience. Make sure that the professional you’re working with understands this vital point.

You Can Prolong Their Life

Just like insuring you have healthy hair there are some key tricks and pointers to keeping your hair extensions healthy during the winter. Don’t go outside when your hair is wet as it will cause the strands to get brittle and possibly break. You’ll want to avoid chlorine in any pools and instead consider wearing a swimming cap or only swimming when you don’t have extensions in.

Wash With Cool Water

Hot water can damage both your real hair as well as the hair in your extensions. If you want to insure your hair extensions last as long as possible then make sure to wash and rinse your hair in as cool as water as you can stand.

Braid Before Bed

When you’re getting ready to retire for the evening or when swimming you’ll want to make sure to loosely braid your hair. This will help to insure it doesn’t get all tangled up while you toss in your sleep. A lack of tangles will help to eliminate stress when you’re brushing or combing your hair, therefore keeping damage to a minimum.

Only Blow Dry On Cool

Because most hair extensions come from human hair it stands to reason what damages your hair will also damage your extensions. This means you’ll want to consider drying it on a cool setting or using a diffuser. This will help to prevent damage to the shaft causing it to frizz out or to break.


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