I Love the Beach in Summer – The Reasons Why

Hit the beach, summer’s coming. Well at least in the northern hemisphere. Pack the suncream, buckets and spades, coolers, various food and drink items, Hire a personal chef in Sydney ice etc. Shove it all in the car and our beach adventure begins. Heading off in the sizzling summer heat to cool off at the beach. There are few things more enjoyable than going for a swim on a scorching hot day. Added bonus its good for you, long as you haven’t just eaten.

If physical exertion isn’t your thing you can also be lazy and cool off floating around on the waves. For the more active beach goer, swimming around trying to ride the waves, chef at Home in Sydney and Newcastle not very effective but still great fun. Yes the sea has its very own wave machine powered by tidal forces. Unlike many swimming pools it isn’t filled with nasty chemicals like chlorine. Instead it is filled with rich mineral goodies. Many of which have beneficial effects. Your quick dip could help detoxify your skin, improve circulation and reduce stress. No wonder you feel good after going for a swim.

Mega bonus, the beach isn’t that expensive, just gas and food. A great thing in these economic times. A cheap activity that kids love and its healthy for them and you. The relaxing sounds of the waves, the cheapest therapy going, even cheaper than beer!

Construction time, en’s skateboarding shoes online building the masterpiece of all engineering works, the sand castle. Marvel at its sandy goodness. Turrets,moat, towers, check, of course, the real challenge is just to see who can build the biggest hole. Getting water to go round your moat can be quite enjoyable too. Bonus points if you don’t actually have to go and fill your bucket with water to accomplish this.

Prepare for the culinary delight that is sandy sandwiches, swimming pool northern beache sandy ice cream and who can forget sandy cola. Okay, pretty much every food gets a sandy additive, especially when its windy. For me this just adds to the charm of it all. You know your at the beach when everything tastes like sand and sandwiches are true to their name.

We have a instinctive love for the ocean. Just watch a young toddler experiencing the beach for the first time, or the second or the third. Running, splashing around in the water.

The beach Olympics, well maybe not quite, but you can have a lot of fun in any case. Frisbee, the game of catch gains a new element when diving around in the ocean.

Snorkeling, exploring the mystical underwater world. Depending on the clarity of the water this can be like swimming around in a blueish grey soup environment. Ranging to an absolute crystal clear view filled with beautiful coral and colorful fishes darting around everywhere. With an infinite variety in between. Both other world like, for different reasons. Just an interesting experience being able to breath underwater.

Rock-pools, find various bits of sea-life to interact with. Can be entertaining for a while, until the crabs get angry and attack. Could find some information off the web and turn part of your beach trip into a educational, marine biology lesson.

Not a fan of any physical activity, genee how about just laying down and reading a good book all day? Too much like work? Okay, how about just relaxing and sunbathing. Don’t forget your suncream. The sun rays are at their most powerful around noon. Even without taking a dip, you will get some of the health benefits from breathing in the sea vapor and it coming into contact with your skin.

Sunset at the beach, depending on the weather your beach day brought you. This is when the beach is at its most beautiful. Also varies from beach to beach, it can be the least crowded. As everyone rushes off to get home, big mistake. With the masses gone, you are left with a very romantic and peaceful atmosphere. Waves genitally rolling in, the perfect time for a stroll along the shore. Watching the fiery red fireball that is our sun, slowly sink into deep blue ocean, in a blaze of pink glory.

Your beach trip can be tailored to fit your own requirements. Want some relaxing time by yourself, you can do it at the beach. Want a fun filled family activity day, mba the beach has you covered. Want to spend some time hanging out with your friends, the beach is good to go. Whether your one and experiencing the beach for the first time or eighty-one and experiencing the beach for the hundredth and first time. There is something at the beach for everyone.


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