Saving Money by Saving the Planet

For a while now there has been talk of “going green.” In my view, going green only works if there is a profit motive. Companies that think they can make money will go green when they think it is profitable to do so. And most people will only go green in their daily lives when they think it may save them money. As much as I want to believe that the majority would spend a little more to help save the planet, I really, really doubt it. Too many are struggling for their own survival. copart

Fortunately there are a lot of things you can do that will save you money in the short and long run, and that are good for the planet.

Here’s just a small sample of things you can do that save you money, Dog training and help save the planet.


  1. Save on energy by using cold water when washing clothes – it is less harsh on your clothes, making them last longer, and saves the energy required to heat the water. Heating water is a very energy intensive process.
  2. Use the original solar powered clothes dryer – the clothesline! Sheets, towels and clothing dried in the fresh air and sun save a bundle. (I watched my electric meter spin with my dryer on and off, and could not believe the kilowatts it used!)
  3. Eat more fresh raw salads – salads don’t require cooking, saving cooking energy, and the live enzymes in raw foods help you digest what you eat. You’ll even get healthier – maybe even saving some dollars by avoiding the doctor’s office! woles4d
  4. Shop farmers markets – you can get some good deals there. Especially late in the day, when the sellers are getting ready to pack up. Local produce is usually fresher, may have less pesticides, and most certainly had to travel shorter distances, saving fuel. You might be able to buy a bulk load of produce rather than making the seller pack it up and truck it home.
  5. Try growing a small garden – Even apartment dwellers can grow a few plants in containers. There is a ton of info about home vegetable gardens on the web. You can even do it organically, saving money on fertilizer. If you have ever tasted a fresh homegrown tomato, and compared it to a mass produced one, you’d appreciate the difference. And the cost savings can be huge! Aluminium schuifpui
  6. If you are buying new appliances, always go for the energy efficient model -They will save you money on energy in the long run, and the initial price is usually very close. A while ago, energy efficiency was just a selling point. Now it is a required feature. sellersplanet


At the library or the bookstore you can find literally dozens of books about being greener. Think green as in more money in your wallet! Doing the right thing can really satisfied-being help your savings grow.


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