Creative Ways to Make Desserts More Fun

There’s nothing quite like a great dessert to finish of a good meal. We all know we shouldn’t, 7mgg and we feel guilty eating it, but it’s hard to resist your favorite treats when they are them on offer.

There are a great variety of desserts to enjoy, and whether you prefer hot and cold, you will always have a great choice. You may have guessed by now that I love my desserts, these are some that I’ve sampled recently.

Some of these you will instantly recognize, manguerose others you may not. The great thing about a dessert is that you can give them your own personal twist, so why not get online for the basic recipes and have a shot at making them?

One of my all time favorites which will always have a place on my dessert resume is the classic mousse made from white chocolate. Those to tend to stick to a traditional chocolate mousse are more often than not pleasantly surprised when they try this version.

If you like a bit of fruit in your desserts; add some drizzle to the mousse, in a flavor with a bit of a kick like raspberry. The sharpness of the fruit is a great contrast to the chocolate.

For me, a dessert should look as good at it tastes, roomidea and some desserts these days are works of art. A simple wine or martini glass gives you so many opportunities to create a desert cocktail using ice cream.

These look amazing at a dinner party. Your guests won’t take any notice of how simple the recipe is; they will be blown away by the presentation. Put in other stuff like fruit and trimmings to really impress.

This final one really shows off your artistic flair. Cut a mango so it looks like a rose and fill it with ice cream, simple yet stunning. There are many instructional videos online to show you how easy it is. spaice

If you are a mango fan you will love this, and the combination of the mango flavor with either sorbet or ice cream is sublime.


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