How To Improve, Get To The Next Level Of Tennis And Reach Your Potential

If you want to improve, get to the next level of tennis and reach your potential there are essential ingredients to accomplish this. The first thing is that you can not do it alone. The best athletes in every sport have coaches and for a recreational or a tournament player this is of paramount importance. Find a coach that has extensive experience and has worked with all levels of play from beginners to tournament players to elite athletes that are nationally ranked. mycarscent

Taking inventory of your game as you progress is a vital part of discovering what you need to improve upon to get to the next level. Be honest with yourself. Access your strengths and weaknesses. akunprorusia

Ask yourself these simple questions.

Am I in top physical shape and if not what areas do I need to improve upon?

How is my footwork and quickness and reaction?

Do I have enough variety in my strokes?

How is my serve and return game?

How focused am I in matches and am I mentally tough? semar128

Those 5 questions will give you a good overview of the general state of your tennis game. These are also the most neglected areas especially the serve and the return of serve.

Physical performance in tennis requires quickness, reaction, verduurzamendeurne and explosive movements. Not only do you need to work on your speed but also your strength. Ability to bend down low for volleys, getting in a loading position on your serve with your knees bent, and landing hard on your feet for a running shot for a winner requires strong legs. Work on agility drills and well as plyometrics to round out your workout sessions. spintenniscoach

Footwork is rarely practiced but it is one of the most important parts of your game. Practice side to side movement as well as angular movement, and forward and backward movement. Think of movement as a clock. Try to move in all directions when you practice. Move from 3 o’clock to 9 o’clock. 12 to 6, 7 to 1 o’clock. Learn all the various steps such as the cross over, the carioca, the side step, and in step, etc. antminet

Variety in your strokes is very important. Rafael Nadal has won the Wimbledon championships by adding more strokes to his arsenal. His backspin approach shot is greatly improved as are his approach volleys and serve. Too many players just hit topspin and only from the baseline in their practice. Hit backspin especially on the backhand side and always work on your approaches to the net in your practice as it will help your footwork also. ufa88myanmar

Working on your serve and return on a regular basis may help your game more than anything else. It always amazes me that this area of the game is so neglected since these are the strokes that are used the most. Practice hitting with power as well as spin. Hit the ball is both corners of the service box as well as the center. Return both cross court as well as down the line. Hit your returns softly as well as hard. A soft low shot is great to hit when your opponent serves and volleys against you. crosstrainer-kaufen

Work on mental toughness and focus by playing points. Start a game where you are down 0-40. See if you can win a few games. Or start a set as if you are losing 3-0 in the set. Make it tough on yourself in practice and it will become easier during a game situation. askanadviser

Writing down what you need to work on the most will make you plan your workouts and lessons so that you can improve upon your weaknesses. Access what is your weakest facet of your game, next weakest and so on.

Track your progress in these areas by keeping score in your practices. Take 20 serves and see what percentage you get in the court. See how many under spin backhands in a row you can hit from the baseline and deep. If you are working on quickness then time how fast you run from one side of the court to the other. sgmytrips

If working on stamina then see what time it takes you to run from one singles sideline to the center of the court and back again 10 times. See if your times improve from week to week.


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