10 Uses for Snooki’s New Book, “A Shore Thing”

Snooki’s first book, “A Shore Thing,” just hit bookstores everywhere, just in time to coincide with the season premiere of Season 3 of “Jersey Shore.” Joining other “Shore” stars like J-Woww and “The Situation” who have also joined the literary frontier, frontiernews we’ve designed a few uses for the book if you receive it as a gift (the word “gift” being used loosely), come in contact with it as a retail sales clerk, or somehow decide to actually shell out the $24 bucks for it. For shame. Regardless, we’ve got you “Jersey Shore” fans covered with 10 ideas of what you can do with Snooki’s new novel “A Shore Thing” (hint: reading isn’t one of them).

# Wiping off your spray tan.

# Write notes about the inappropriate things your friend was doing at a club (Make it the main point of discussion in your life for the real-time equivalent of three episodes). localletter

# Blocking a punch to the face/Hitting someone in the face.

# Combine it with the Kardashians book for the perfect, newspoke perfect gift for someone you want out of your beach house.

# Wedge it under the broken bed in your smush room for a quick fix.

# Lighting a fire far away from your poof. topicals

# Covering your drunk friends’ situation when she starts doing back flips in a skirt.

# When putting the G in your GTL, it can be used for a low weight, high reps workout. (It’s 12.6 ounces)

# Wiping your tears when you see MTV’s show schedule. For more details please visit:-https://tbadaily.com/ https://www.kulfiy.com/ https://pressmagazines.com/


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