How to Use Article Marketing to Get High-Profile Exposure on Sites like Google News

With Google Universal Search’s integration of several types of web content into the main search engine, an opportunity now exists for you to snatch up accounting better search engine results faster, if you’re quick. One of those ways is by combining article marketing and Google News. Submitted through the right publication, article contents get into Google News faster, and for the right queries they can rise to the top of results faster.

The first thing that you’ll need to do is get your article into a publication that is featured at Google News in your market. This is a lot harder than the hype surrounding the situation would make it seem. Submitting to a publication that shows up in Google news usually means going through a review process for each article – there’s no guarantee that you’ll get in. You must look at the big picture. You’ll need to write an article that has the best odds of getting good placement, showing up for searches on your name as well as your keywords (which becomes vastly more important when you become well-known), and other factors vpxco which will affect how far the reach of your article is.

One resource that has a long-standing record of getting published in Google News is American Chronicles. You must apply to be an author, and not everyone gets in. Heighten your chances by writing a great article.

The second thing you’ll need to do is write something that would optoki achieve not just appearance in Google News, but circulation beyond it. You want people to be quoting your article and passing it along to their friends and colleagues. In other words, you need a great topic. One tip: test your article at If the editors there won’t accept it, then you’re not ready. If they do, when people recognize your name, they’ll have a place to go to re-publish your work.

The third thing you need in order to get your articles published on high-profile sites like Google newsheater News you have to is find a way to tie your piece into a recent event, in a niche you’re well versed in, with a style people can learn from and relate to – then if you can bring them from the article to your site, you’re pretty much set.

This is building on a tip I’ve given before, namely, write about something that’s on everyone’s mind already. Find a way to tie your tip, news, opinion, review, etc, into what everyone is chatting about by the virtual water cooler.

But here’s the spin.

Don’t just talk about what everyone else is talking about. Go from a different angle, take a different opinion than the prevailing one, use a different style.

For example. You can write about that fact that Google is doing something new, like when the Google Sitemaps program started.

OR you could write about how webmasters can take advantage of Google Sitemaps. And what is the easiest point of entry. Or mistakes to avoid.

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