2008 Trends in Leadership

There seems to be an underlining trend in leadership right now especially in the business arena, and perhaps it got its roots from Collins hoodpay the famous Stanford Professor who wrote the two books; “Built to Last” and “From Good to Great,” which he and his crack team of researchers put out. They talk about why some companies survive and thrive and why others fail.

Indeed a good part of his message in the second book shows nearly identical companies and how one beat out the other in the same industry and attributes much of this to the leadership style. I do recommend these books to all. This newest trend in leadership appears to recommend more collaboration than a benevolent figure head dictator type leader. The new objective is to bring everyone to the table to participate and get buy-in from the entire team.

We are seeing this in all aspects of leadership, redribbonlive including in the 2008 Presidential Race where you have a candidate that seems to lead through consensus building or so it appears. It’s certainly seen through his use of Techpaigning. Corporations are also using this trend to their advantage by creating online communities through blogs and corporate communication on intranet systems.

Consensus building ristomanager is a huge theme lately, not only in the private sector but also in the public sector. In fact, not a day goes by when we do not see mention of this in such online newsletters as GovExec News. The new way of leadership is allowing everyone to speak and be part of the decision making process.

Some more entrepreneurial folks call this nonsense and say that nothing great is ever build by committee and it takes a strong leader to make it happen, MATRIX CRACK but many say this attitude is on its way out and collaboration is the key to success in 2008 and moving forward.

Leadership consultants now employ system thinking and decision making processes to business using decision making software and mind mapping strategies. That work with the collaboration team, involving everyone in the process. It’s been an interesting year in the leadership field to say the least. Please think on all this.


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