FTP Hosting for Printers

Transferring large files over the Internet

Transferring large files (image and/or text) over the Internet is a common feature in any business process. An efficient communication protocol is needed in a business process to exchange text, image, multimedia presentation or other information with clients. createssh

In general people use email to send large files as attachments by breaking them in several smaller parts. In such a situation, the recipients need to integrate those parts in a proper manner to view the right content. The process itself is very risky and terminates if the file size goes beyond the specified limit. vibrantbiz

FTP hosting service can be the right option for printers to share information and to transfer files through World Wide Web. Since there is no upper limit of the file size, you can send large images and audio – visual presentations efficiently to the clients. Security of the content is another issue that you have to ensure when transferring a file from one location to another. FTP hosting service takes complete care of the privacy of content. recommendit

Why FTP for Printers

File Transfer Protocol is a suitable communication protocol for all types of printing and publishing firms. Printers use FTP as an efficient mode of transferring large files: frontrunnerz


  • Brochure
  • Postcard
  • Business Card
  • Greeting Card
  • Poster
  • Catalog
  • Identity
  • Sticker and Banner getalink


Most of these digital files contains images and are larger in size, compared to simple text files. Moreover file types can differ from static image to dynamic image.

Having a problem sending large flash files as banners or multimedia enabled greeting card through Email? Try an FTP Hosting service and experience the fast communication in the business process. Consider the situation of Die Cutting service, where you have to provide a large Photoshop file to your customer… overnight! If you have FTP hosting service it will take a few minutes to transfer that large image.

Printers are taking help of new designing tools to reduce their effort and improve the quality of the products. With the help of software you can create 2D and/or 3D images, layouts or multimedia presentation. At the same time, you have to select an efficient communication protocol to ensure secure and uninterrupted ‘business to customer’ (B2C) or ‘business to business’ (B2B) communication.

Features of FTP hosting service

FTP hosting services comes with two components – FTP Server and FTP Client. FTP hosting service provider will allocate you required space to store files, which you want to share with your client. Files are uploaded on the FTP server through FTP Client. To upload files on the FTP server you have to provide a user name and password. The client on the other end can access the server through another FTP account.

Following are some common features of FTP hosting services:


  • Unlimited Storage in the FTP server
  • Private FTP Accounts
  • FTP Software to upload files, download files and manage the FTP site
  • Customized Directories
  • Daily backups of data
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 24/7 Technical Support

Getting FTP hosting service for printing business 

You have to select the storage size when registering for the FTP hosting service. There is no upper limit of the storage size. It is recommended to select the right FTP hosting service provider in the Internet who are offering the storage size based on your need. Initially, FTP hosting service provider will allow you a trial period at limited cost.

Selection of a right FTP hosting service matters for printers. FTP Server provides ultimate security and offers wide array of useful features for printers. Transferring designs, layouts or audio – video presentations require secured medium to keep the content private. Secured FTP Hosting Service comes with the features like – password protected content and encryption. You can protect images and the content password-protected content and transfers the files in a compressed file format.

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